Electromagnetic Container Stop Image
Additional Technical Specifications

Available Voltages:

120 VAC
230 VAC
24 VDC

Operating Temperature:

0º to 160º Fahrenheit
Standard Equipment

Installation/Operation Manual
Required Accessories

1" Long Roller

2" Long Roller

4" Long Roller

9" Wedge

Electromagnetic Container Stops (model numbers vary by configuration)
Works With These Containers: (click on any icon for a defintion)

Container Stops Are Available In Two Modes:
  1. Standard Operation - the container stop closes when it receives an AC/DC signal
  2. Failure Effect Mode - the container stop closes when power to the line is disrupted

Holding Force: Up to 25 foot lbs.
Closing Time: 100 millisecconds
Opening Time: 225 millisecconds
Dimensions: 5.5" Wide x 6.0" High x 9.5" Deep
Construction: Copper/Nickel Plated Steel
Average Installation Time: 30 minutes
Model Numbers:
Mode Mount 120 VAC 230 VAC 24 VDC
Standard Standard C3801 C3824 C5466
Standard Narrow C3855 C3854 C5468
Failure Effect Standard C3829 C3830 C5467
Failure Effect Narrow C3856 C3857 C5469
Mounting Options: (Click image to enlarge)

Standard Mount and Narrow Mount for an electromagnetic container stop
Narrow Mount Standard Mount
Replacement Parts and Accessories

Part Number Description Price
B3440A 1" Roller $52.00 each
B3440B 2" Roller $52.00 each
B3440D 4" Roller $52.00 each
C3795C 9" Formed Stainless Steel Wedge $75.00 each
A3642 Spring $5.00 each
A3644 Delrin Bushing $2.00 each
A3684 Stainless Sleeve $6.00 each